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  • Dear Doctor good morning, Basically the report of recent two day back of sonography of my wife result is..TWIN INTRA UTIRINE GESTATIONAL SAC WITH ONLY ONE SAC SHOWS LIVE FOETUS OF APPROX 9 WEEK GESTATION AND SECOND SAC APPEAR NON VIABLE. Can you advise me what to do. Currently she is in my home town Bijnor and i am working in mumbai. Can i bring her to mumbai for further treatment and consultation. Thank you.
    2017-11-18 04:30:13

    I advise her to take rest at home, continue with vitamin-Folic acid tablet and repeat a sonography( Ultrasound )  after 15 days to know about the health and viability of surviving fetus

    My contact details are available on the website. You may bring her when she reaches Mumbai