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Teenage pregnancy- growing social concern

Recently, Times of India published an article where it showed the concern Governmental bodies are having about the rising rate of teenage pregnancies.
Many of these pregnancies will come under the law as they will be classified as rape, as the pregnant female is below the age of consent.
Reporting these pregnancies to proper authorities like police and social services ethically should be done by all clinicians who come into contact with such cases.
Most of these women will opt for termination of such pregnancies because of social and financial reasons.
It is advisable that such terminations /abortions should only be done by qualified Gynaecologist in a Govt. recognised abortion (MTP) centre.
This will reduce the risk of complications and will make the procedure safe.
Privacy of the woman undergoing abortion is maintained as per the governing laws.

Some  women  choose to continue with the pregnancy for various reasons.
We also see cases, where first consultation with a doctor is done at a time when medical abortion can not be offered as the duration of pregnancy has gone beyond 20 weeks ( legal limit of termination of pregnancy)
In these cases routine and standard care of pregnancy is offered to the woman.
Delivery in an institution is done as per the guidelines.

Mass scale education through media programmes and live workshops in schools, colleges and societies may bring awareness on this sensitive topic.

My Gynaec World endeavours to bring educational material on its website . It is written in such a way that even ordinary people can understand that.

Cervical Cancer Vaccination in Kharghar

What should you know about cervical cancer vaccination

Vaccination is the only true form of prevention
It stops the disease from happening in the first place

There are two kinds of vaccine available

1) Quadrivalent vaccine
Protects from 6,11, 16,18 type strains of virus
Partial protection from 33,35,41 and 7 other types of strains of virus

2)Bivalent vaccine
Protects from 16 & 18 type of strains of virus
Partial protection from 33, 35 & 41 strains of virus


Abortion By Pills in Kharghar

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Growing urbanization has come with cost of family values.
When it comes to prioritization it is seen that career is taking precedence over family expansion.

A woman in her mid thirties who was pregnant for the first time came looking for abortion . Her husband was in early forties . The couple had been married for more than a decade.
They had postponed child bearing till now because they were both looking for settling their respective businesses.
The pregnancy that had happened was a chance one and unplanned.
They experienced momentary joy before dipping low.
They realized that with advancing age the course of pregnancy will require more monitoring .
They were unwilling to make changes to their work pattern to accommodate the newborn.
They had concerns that if they choose to have the baby, they will be at retiring age by the time the kid reaches the college age.

What we are discussing over here is the changing paradigms of the society.
Merging of roles for both genders.

Unfulfilled biological role – will it have far reaching physical and emotional impact.

It is a known medical fact that the women who have never given birth and breast fed their kids are predisposed to certain cancers.

We, the gynecologists at ‘My Gynaec World’ are involved in providing excellent comprehensive women care. We ponder on current society issues because we care.

It is our own mothers and sisters who make this society.